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Autor(i):Carlson, Eve B.
Naslov:Trauma assessments : a clinician's guide / Eve B. Carlson
Impresum:New York : Guilford Press , cop. 1997
Materijalni opis:xii, 307 str, : ilustr. ; 24cm
Ključne riječi:traumatski stres
Sažetak:The book presents an integrative framework for understanding the effects of traumatic experiences, discussing what makes an experience traumatic and clearly differentiating between core, secondary, and associated responses to trauma. The author delineates the major factors that influence trauma responses and examines variations in response to discrete and chronic trauma and to trauma occurring at different stages in the lifespan. The book also includes: explanations of content, format, reliability, and validity of measurement; flowcharts for measurement selection; guidelines for conducting therapeutic interviews with traumatized people; discussion of misreporting, overreporting, and the effects of interviewer and client expectations; practical suggestions for maximizing the accuracy of trauma reports; and attention to the impact of individual, cultural, and situational differences among clients. This book is intended for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals.
Sadržaj:Part I. Understanding the impact of trauma. - The importance of understanding responses to trauma. - A conceptual framework for understanding responses to trauma. - Common responses to traumatic experience. - Factors that influence responses to traumatic experiences. - Understanding responses to discrete and chronic traumatic experiences. - Part II. Planning and implementing assessments. - Challenges to assessing trauma and trauma responses. - Developing an assessment strategy. - Selecting and administering measures. - Part III. Making use of assessment results. - Interpreting the results and making a diagnosis. - Where to go from here: Treatment options. - Future directions. - Measure profiles. - Section A. Measures of traumatic experiences. - Section B. Self-report measures of responses to trauma. - Section C. Structured interviews for posttraumatic and dissociative disorders. - Section D. Measures of trauma and trauma responses for children. - Appendix: Resources on trauma and trauma-related disorders
APA CC:3215
Signatura:3215 97 CAR
Inventarni broj:77/2005
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

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