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Naslov:Aristophanis : comoediae / F. W. Hall, W. M. Geldart
Impresum:London : Oxford University Press , 1921
Materijalni opis:2 sv
Jezik:LAT, engleski
Nakladnička cjelina:Oxford Classical Texts
Podaci o svescima:Tomus I: Acharnenses, Equites, ...
Tomus II: Lysistratam, Thesmophoriazusas, ...
Signatura:8 ARIST
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za arheologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/arheologija

Naslov:Handbook of infant mental health / edited by Charles H. Zeanah
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1993
Materijalni opis:501 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:razvoj novorođenčadi * mentalno zdravlje
Sažetak:I. The context of infant mental health * Models of development and developmental risk / Arnold J. Sameroff * The family context of infant mental health: I. Affective development in the primary caregiving relationship / Karlen Lyons-Ruth and Charles H. Zeanah, Jr. * The family context of infant mental health: II. Infant development in multiple family relationships / Susan Crockenberg, Karlen Lyons-Ruth and Susan Dickstein * The sociocultural context of infant development / Cynthia T. Garcia Coll and Elaine C. Meyer II. Risk conditions and protective factors * Poverty and infant development / Robert Halpern * Prematurity and serious medical illness in infancy: Implications for development and intervention / Klaus Minde * Adolescent parenthood: Risks and opportunities for mothers and infants / Joy D. Osofsky, Della M. Hann and Claire Peebles * Parental mental illness and infant development / Ronald Seifer and Susan Dickstein * Maternal substance abuse and infant development / Barry Zuckerman and Elizabeth R. Brown * Maltreatment and infant development / Patricia J. Mrazek III. Assessment * Clinical interviews with infants and their families / Laurence M. Hirshberg * Assessment of developmental status and parent-infant relationships: The therapeutic process of evaluation / Roseanne Clark, Andrew Paulson and Susan Conlin * Use of structured research procedures in clinical assessments of infants / Judith A. Crowell and Melissa A. Fleischmann IV. Disorders of infancy * Classification and the diagnostic process in infancy / Robert N. Emde, Richard D. Bingham and Robert J. Harmon * Autism and the pervasive developmental disorders / Fred R. Volkmar * Mental retardation / Michael Thomasgard and Jack P. Shonkoff * Communication disorders in infants and toddlers / Barry M. Prizant, Amy M. Wetherby and Joanne E. Roberts * Regulatory disorders / Stanley I. Greenspan and Serena Wieder * Post-traumatic stress disorder / Martin J. Drell, Clifford H. Siegel and Theodore J. Gaensbauer * Sleep disorders / Avi Sadeh and Thomas F. Anders * Failure to thrive and feeding disorders / Diane Benoit * Disorders of attachment / Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., Oommen K. Mammen and Alicia F. Lieberman * Psychosomatic processes and physical illnesses / David A. Mrazek V. Intervention * A multidimensional analysis of early childhood intervention programs / Samuel J. Meisels, Margo Dichtelmiller and Fong-ruey Liaw * Preventive interventions: Enhancing parent-infant relationships / Kathryn E. Barnard, Colleen E. Morisset and Susan Spieker * Family support programs / Bernice Weissbourd * Interaction guidance: Understanding and treating early infant-caregiver relationship disturbances / Susan C. McDonough * Infant-parent psychotherapy / Alicia F. Lieberman and Jeree H. Pawl VI. Social applications of infant mental health * Infant day care / Marianne Barton and Martha Williams * Infant placement and custody / Thomas M. Horner and Melvin J. Guyer * Infant mental health and social policy / Edward Zigler, Pauline Hopper and Nancy W. Hall
APA CC:3250
Ostali autori / urednici:Zeanah, Charles H.
Signatura:3250 93 HAN
Inventarni broj:9528
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Naslov:Identities : race, class, gender, and nationality / edited by Linda Martín Alcoff and Eduardo Mendieta
Impresum:Malden, MA : Blackwell , 2003
Materijalni opis:xv, 428 str. ; 25 cm
Napomena:Bibliografija i bilješke iza pojedinih poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:grupni identitet * etnicitet * rasa * rodni identitet * nacionalnost -- karakteristike
Sažetak:Introduction: Identities: modern and postmodern / Linda Martin Alcoff. -Part I: Foundations : 1. Independence and dependence of self-consciousness / G. W. F. Hegel ; 2. On the Jewish question / Karl Marx ; 3. Consciousness and what is unconscious / Sigmund Freud ; 4. The self / George Herbert Mead. -Part II: Race/ehhnicity/ethnorace : 5. The conservation of races / W. E. B. Du Bois ; 6. The new negro / Alain Locke ; 7. Identity and dignity in the context of the national liberation struggle / Amilcr Cabral ; 8. The fact of blackness / Frantz Fanon ; 9. ehiteness as property / Cheryl I. Harris ; 10. New ethnicities / Stuart Hall ; 11. The Latino imaginary: eanings of community and identity / Juan Flores. -Part III: Class and identity : 12. Class consciousness / Georg Lukacs ; 13. Class consciousness in history / E. J. Hobsbawm ; 14. Preface from 'The making of th English working class' / E. P. Thompson ; 15. Introduction form 'Elementary aspects of peasant insurgency in colonial India' / Ranajit Guha. -Part IV: Gender/sexnality : 16. Introduction form 'The second sex' / Simone de Beauvoir ; 17. One is not born a woman / Monique Wittig ; 18. Throwing like a girl: a phenomenology of feminine body comportment, motility, and spatiality / Iris Marin Young ; 19. Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color / Kimberlé Crenshaw ; 20. Gender trouble, feminist theory, and posychoanalytic descourse / Judith Butler ; 21. Revolutions, universals, and sexual categories / John Boswell ; 22. Sex before sexuality: pederasty, politics, and power in Classical Athens / David M. Halperin ; 23. Sexual indifference and lesbian representation / Teresa de Lauretis ; 24. Transsexual doscourses and languages of identification / Jason Cromwell. -Part V: National/transnational identities : 25. National identity and citizenship / Ross Poole ; 26. On the making of transnatinal identities in the age of globalization: The US Latina/op-"Latin" American case / Daniel Mato ; 27. Globalization as a problem / Ronald Robertson ; 28. Postcoloniality and the boundaries of identity / R. Radhakrishnan. -part Vi. Reconfigurations : 29. The clash of definitions / Edward W. Said ; 30. Cultural citizenship, inequality, and multiculturalism / Renato Rosaldo ; 31. Localism, globalism and cultural identity / Mike Featherstone ; 32. Universalism, particularism and the question of identity / Ernesto Laclau ; 33. A menifesto for cyborgs: science, technology, and socialist feminism in the 1980s / Donna Harraway ; 34. The epistemic status fo cultural identity / Satya P. Mohanty. -Afterword: Identities: postcolonial and global / Eduardo Mendieta
UDK:316.7(082) * 159.9 * 305 * 82.0
Ostali autori / urednici:Alcoff, Linda ; Mendieta, Eduardo
Signatura:316.7(08) IDEN
Inventarni broj:III-3201
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za komparativnu književnost, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

Autor(i):Aristophanes ; Halle, F.W.
Naslov:Comoediae / Aristofan ; recognoverunt brevique adnotatione critica instruxerunt F. W. Hall, W. M. Geldart
Impresum:Oxford : E typographeo Clarendoniano
Materijalni opis:19,5 cm
Jezik:LAT, GRC
Ključne riječi:Aristofan
Podaci o svescima:Tomus 1 : Achernenses, Equites, Nubes vespas, Pacem, Aves continens. - [1985]. - 352 str.. ISBN 0-19-814504-7
Ostali autori / urednici:Geldart, W.M.
Signatura:875 ARISTOPH c1
Inventarni broj:10886
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za klasičnu filologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/klasfilologija

Autor(i):Aristophanes ; Hall, .F. W. ; Geldart, W. M.
Naslov:Aristophanis Comoediae / Aristophanes ; recognoverunt brevique adnotatione critica instruxerunt F. W. Hall, W. M. Geldart
Impresum:Oxonii : E typographeo Clarendoniano , 1959 - 1960
Materijalni opis:2 sv. ; 8°
Jezik:LAT, GRC
Nakladnička cjelina:Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis
Podaci o svescima:Tom. 1 : Archarnenses, Equites, Nubes, Vespae, Pax, Aves. - 1960
Tom. 2 : Lysistrata ; Thesmophoriazusea ; Ranae ; Ecclesiazusae ; Plutus ; Fragmenta ; Index nominum. - 1959
Signatura:KF 875 ARI c
Inventarni broj:4706, 4761
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za klasičnu filologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/klasfilologija

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