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Autor(i):Abercrombie, Michael
Naslov:A Dictionary of Biology / M. Abercrombie, C. J. Hickman, and M. L. Johnson
Impresum:Harmondsworth ; Baltimore ; Mitcham : Penguin Books , 1963
Materijalni opis:254 str. ; 19 cm
Nakladnička cjelina:Penguin Reference Books
Ključne riječi:englesko-engleski rječnik * rječnik biologije
Signatura:AN 802.0-3 ABE D
Inventarni broj:7684
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za anglistiku, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/anglistika

Naslov:Language and space / edited by Paul Bloom ... [et al.]
Impresum:Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT , cop. 1996
Materijalni opis:597 str. : ilustr
Nakladnička cjelina:Language, speech, and communication
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazala
Ključne riječi:jezik * prostorna percepcija * lingvistika * neuroznanost * znakovni jezik
Sažetak:* The architecture of the linguistic-spatial interface / Ray Jackendoff * How much space gets into language? / Manfred Bierwisch * Perspective taking and ellipsis in spatial description / Willem J. M. Levelt * Frames of reference and Molyneux's question: Crosslinguistic evidence / Stephen C. Levinson * The confluence of space and language in signed languages / Karen Emmorey * Fictive motion in language and "ception" / Leonard Talmy * The spatial prepositions in English, vector grammar, and the cognitive map theory / John O'Keefe * Multiple geometric representations of objects in languages and language learners / Barbara Landau * Preverbal representation and language / Jean M. Mandler * Learning how to structure space for language: A crosslinguistic perspective / Melissa Bowerman * Space to think / Philip N. Johnson-Laird * Spatial perspective in descriptions / Barbara Tversky * A computational analysis of the apprehension of spatial relations / Gordon D. Logan and Daniel D. Sadler * The language-to-object perception interface: Evidence from neuropsychology / Tim Shallice * Space and language / Mary A. Peterson, Lynn Nadel, Paul Bloom and Merrill F. Garrett
APA CC:2720
Ostali autori / urednici:Bloom, Paul
Signatura:2720 96 LAN
Inventarni broj:9596
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Autor(i):Abercrombie, Michael
Naslov:The Penguin Dictionary of Biology / M. Abercrombie, C. J. Hickman and M. L. Johnson
Impresum:Harmondsworth [etc.] : Penguin Books , 1986
Materijalni opis:323 str. ; 20 cm
Nakladnička cjelina:Penguin Reference Books
Ključne riječi:englesko-engleski rječnik * rječnik biologije
Signatura:AN 802.0-3 ABE P
Inventarni broj:19665
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za anglistiku, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/anglistika

Naslov:Clinical handbook of couple therapy / edited by Neil S. Jacobson, Alan S. Gurman
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1995
Materijalni opis:510 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Sažetak:Therapy with couples: A coming of age / Alan S. Gurman and Neil S. Jacobson Part I: Models of intervention with couples Section A: Major theories of couple therapy * Bowen family systems and marriage / Daniel V. Papero * Integrative behavioral couple therapy / Andrew Christensen, Neil S. Jacobson and Julia C. Babcock * Cognitive aspects of cognitive-behavioral marital therapy / Donald H. Baucom, Norman Epstein and Lynn A. Rankin * The ego-analytic approach to couple therapy / Daniel B. Wile * The emotionally focused approach to problems in adult attachment / Susan M. Johnson and Leslie S. Greenberg * Problem- and solution-focused couple therapies: The MRI and Milwaukee models / Varda Shoham, Michael Rohrbaugh and JoEllen Patterson * Psychoanalytic marital therapy / Jill Savege Scharff Section B: Group methods * Group therapy with couples / Judith Coche * Preventive intervention and relationship enhancement / Frank J. Floyd, Howard J. Markman, Shalonda Kelly, Susan L. Blumberg and Scott M. Stanley Part II: Couple therapy and relationally defined problems and issues Section A: Issues of culture, gender, and sexual orientation * Cross-cultural marriages / Celia Jaes Falicov * Redefining the past, present, and future: Therapy with long-term marriages at midlife / Carol M. Anderson, Sona A. Dimidjian and Apryl Miller * Gendered aspects of marital therapy / Cheryl Rampage * Therapy with same-sex couples: An introduction / Laura S. Brown Section B: Ruptures of the relational bond * Crises of infidelity / Frank S. Pittman III and Tina Pittman Wagers * The assessment and treatment of marital violence: An introduction for the marital therapist / Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Stacia Beak Beatty and Kimberly Anglin * Facilitating healthy divorce processes: Therapy and mediation approaches / Froma Walsh, Lynn Jacob and Virginia Simons Part III: Couple therapy and common psychiatric disorders * Marital therapy in the treatment of alcohol problems / Barbara S. McCrady and Elizabeth E. Epstein * Anxiety disorders: The role of marital therapy / Michelle G. Craske and Lori A. Zoellner * A marital/family discord model of depression: Implications of therapeutic intervention / Ian H. Gotlib and Steven R. H. Beach * Conceptualization and treatment of eating disorders in couples / Maria P. P. Root * Object relations marital therapy of personality disorders / Samuel Slipp * Treating sexual desire disorders in couples / Julia R. Heiman, Pamela Hill Epps and Beatrice Ellis
APA CC:3313
Ostali autori / urednici:Jacobson, Neil S. ; Gurman, Alan S.
Signatura:3313 95 CLI
Inventarni broj:9563
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Naslov:Working-class culture : studies in history and theory / edited by J. Clarke, C. Critcher, and R. Johnson
Impresum:New York : St. Martin's Press , 1980, cop. 1979
Materijalni opis:301 str. ; 24 cm
Napomena:Bibliografske bilješke. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:radnička klasa -- Velika Britanija
Ostali autori / urednici:Clarke, John ; Critcher, C. ; Johnson, Richard
Namjena :doktorski studij književnosti
Signatura:316.3(08) WOR
Inventarni broj:III-3535
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za komparativnu književnost, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

Naslov:Adolescent health problems : behavioral perspectives / editors Jan L. Wallander, Lawrence J. Siegel
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1995
Materijalni opis:314 str
Nakladnička cjelina:Advances in pediatric psychology
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:zdravstveni problemi * adolescenti
Sažetak:Section I: General and conceptual issues * Epidemiology of adolescent health disorders / E. Wayne Holden and Katherine Nitz * Developmental influences on adolescent health / Aline G. Sayer, Stuart T. Hauser, Alan M. Jacobson, John B. Willett and Charlotte F. Cole * Theoretical models of adolescent risk-taking behavior / Susan G. Millstein and Vivien Igra * Legal issues in adolescent health care / Victoria P. Weisz and Gary B. Melton Section II: Current research and clinical perspectives on health-risk and prevention behaviors * Adolescent suicide attempters in general hospitals: Psychological evaluation and disposition planning / Anthony Spirito, James Overholser and Lyn Vinnick * Adolescents: The leading edge of the next wave of the HIV epidemic / Terry DiLorenzo and Karen Hein * Social-psychological antecedents and consequences of adolescent tobacco use / Laurie Chassin, Clark C. Presson and Steven J. Sherman * Coping and competence in adolescent alcohol and drug use / Thomas Ashby Wills, Donato Vaccaro and Gregory Benson * Health promotion with adolescents / Steven H. Kelder, Guy Parcel and Cheryl L. Perry Section III: Current research and clinical perspectives on chronic physical conditions * Appraisal, coping, and adjustment in adolescents with a physical disability / Jan L. Wallander and James W. Varni * Psychological adjustment of adolescents with cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease and their mothers / Robert J. Thompson Jr., Kathryn E. Gustafson and Karen M. Gil * School-based treatment of recurrent headaches in adolescents / Bo Larsson * Managing insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in adolescence: A developmental perspective / Suzanne Bennett Johnson * Family adaptation to diabetes: A model for intervention research / Tim Wysocki, Neil H. White, Jeanne Bubb, Michael A. Harris and Peggy Greco
APA CC:3250 3290 3360
Ostali autori / urednici:Wallander, Jan L. ; Siegel, Lawrence J.
Signatura:3250 95 ADO
Inventarni broj:9554
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Autor(i):Johnson, J. C.
Naslov:Educating Hearing-impaired Children in Ordinary Schools / J. C. Johnson
Impresum:Manchester : Manchester University Press , 1962
Materijalni opis:IX, 120 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm
Napomena:Str. 117-118: Bibliografija
Ključne riječi:obrazovanje * gluha djeca
Signatura:BF 37:612.858.7 JOH e G-79
Inventarni broj:1050
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za fonetiku, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/fonetika

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