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Naslov:Psychopathy : antisocial, criminal, and violent behavior / edited by Theodire Millon ... [et al.]
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1998
Materijalni opis:476 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:psihopatija * antisocijalno ponašanje * kriminalno ponašanje * nasilničko ponašanje
Sažetak:I: History and viewpoints * Historical conceptions of psychopathy in the United States and Europe / Theodore Millon, Erik Simonsen and Morten Birket-Smith * Psychopathy: An elusive concept with moral overtones / John Gunn * Personality and crime / H. J. Eysenck * Psychopathy and the contribution of personality to violence / Ronald Blackburn * Evil intent: Violence and disorders of the will / Henry Richards * The internal world of the psychopath / J. Reid Meloy and Carl B. Gacano * Antisocial character and behavior: Threats and solutions / William H. Reid * The case for parental licensure / David T. Lykken * Psychopathy or antisocial personality in forensic settings / Hans Toch II: Typologies * Ten subtypes of psychopathy / Theodore Millon and Roger D. Davis * Psychopathy and the five-factor model of personality / Thomas A. Widiger and Donald R. Lynam * Psychopaths and their nature: Implications for the mental health and criminal justice systems / Robert D. Hare III: Etiology * Genetics and antisocial personality disorder / Peter McGuffin and Anita Thapur * Neurobiology in psychopathy / Larry J. Siever * Psychopathic children: Indicators of organic dysfunction / Niels Peter Rygaard * Cross-cultural aspects of psychopathy / David J. Cooke * A biopsychosocial model of psychopathy / Joel Paris IV: Comorbidity * Psychopathy and psychiatric comorbidity / Alv A. Dahl * Psychopathy in the pedophile / Darwin Dorr * Comorbidity of alcoholism and psychopathy / Joachim Knop, Per Jensen and Erik Lykke Mortensen * Antisocial personality disorder and narcotic addiction / Per Vaglum * Sadistic personality in murderers / Michael H. Stone V: Treatment * Psychopharmacological treatment and impulsivity / Lars von Knorring and Lisa Ekselius * The psychotherapeutic management of psychopathic, narcissistic, and paranoid transferences / Otto F. Kernberg * A group-analytic approach to psychopaths: "The Ring of Truth" / Murray Cox * Therapeutic community treatment for severe personality disorders / Bridget Dolan * The management of dangerous psychopaths in prison / Jeremy W. Coid * Treating the "untreatable" in Denmark: Past and present / Heidi Hansen
APA CC:3217 3230 3300
Ostali autori / urednici:Millon, Theodore
Signatura:3217 98 PSY
Inventarni broj:9485
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Naslov:Standards for educational and psychological tests and manuals / prepared by a joint committee of the American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association, National Council on Measurement in Education, cochairmen John W. French and William B. Michael
Impresum:Washington, DC : American Psychological Association , cop. 1966
Materijalni opis:40 str
APA CC:2220
Ostali autori / urednici:French, John W. ; Michael, William B.
Signatura:2220 66 STA
Inventarni broj:2847
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Naslov:Sexual deviance : theory, assessment, and treatment / edited by D. Richard Laws, William O'Donohue
Impresum:New York : Guilford Press , cop. 1997
Materijalni opis:514 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:seksualne devijacije * parafilije * egzibicionizam * fetišizam * frotteurism * pedofilija * sadizam * mazohizam * transvetizam * voajerstvo * silovanje * teorija * procjena * tretman
Sažetak:Introduction: Fundamental issues in sexual deviance / D. Richard Laws and William O'Donohue * Exhibitionism: Psychopathology and theory / William D. Murphy * Exhibitionism: Assessment and treatment / Barry M. Maletzky * Fetishism: Psychopathology and theory / Fiona L. Mason * Fetishism: Assessment and treatment / John Junginger * Frotteurism: The theory of courtship disorder / Kurt Freund, Michael C. Seto and Michael Kuban * Frotteurism: Assessment and treatment / Richard B. Krueger and Meg S. Kaplan * Pedophilia: Psychopathology and theory / W. L. Marshall * Pedophilia: Assessment and treatment / Howard E. Barbaree and Michael C. Seto * Sexual sadism: Psychopathology and theory / Stephen J. Hucker * Sexual sadism: Assessment and treatment / Clive R. Hollin * Sexual masochism: Deviance without pathology / Roy F. Baumeister and Jennifer L. Butler * Sexual masochism: Assessment and treatment / David Thornton and Ruth Mann * Transvestic fetishism: Psychopathology and theory / Kenneth J. Zucker and Ray Blanchard * Transvestic fetishism: Assessment and treatment / Gwen Adshead * Voyeurism: Psychopathology and theory / Meg S. Kaplan and Richard B. Krueger * Voyeurism: Assessment and treatment / R. Karl Hanson and Andrew J. R. Harris * Rape: Psychopathology and theory / Stephen M. Hudson and Tony Ward * Rape: Assessment and treatment / Tony Ward, Julie McCormack, Stephen M. Hudson and Devon Polaschek * Paraphilia not otherwise specified: Psychopathology and theory / Joel S. Milner and Cynthia A. Dopke * Paraphilia not otherwise specified: Assessment and treatment / Paul A. Schewe * Medical models of sexual deviance / Don Grubin and Debbie Mason * Medical interventions in sexual deviance / John Bradford * Sexual deviance in females / John A. Hunter and Ruth Mathews Future directions / Stephen M. Hudson and Tony Ward
APA CC:3230 2980
Ostali autori / urednici:Laws, D. Richard ; O'Donohue, William
Signatura:3230 97 SEX
Inventarni broj:9389
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Naslov:Neuropsychology of memory / edited by Larry R. Squire and Nelson Butters
Izdanje:2nd ed
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1992
Materijalni opis:620 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:amnezije * neuropsihologija * poremećaji pamćenja * pamćenje * pamćenje lijekovi
Sažetak:Section I. Studies of normal and abnormal memory in humans * A neuropsychological model of memory and consciousness / Morris Moscovitch * What are the functional deficits that underlie amnesia? / Andrew R. Mayes * The role of fluency in the implicit and explicit task performance of amnesic patients / Laird S. Cermak and Mieke Verfaellie * Awareness, automaticity, and memory dissociations / Jeffrey P. Toth, D. Stephen Lindsay, and Larry L. Jacoby * Memory dissociations: A cognitive psychophysiology perspective / Russell M. Bauer and Mieke Verfaellie * Selective knowledge loss in activational and representational amnesias / Elkhonon Goldberg and William B. Barr * The contributions of emotional and motivational abnormalities to cognitive deficits in alcoholism and aging / Marlene Oscar-Berman * The problem of "localizing" memory in focal cerebrovascular lesions / D. Yves von Cramon and Hans J. Markowitsch * Learning and memory in humans, with an emphasis on the role of the hippocampus / Raymond P. Kesner, Ramona O. Hopkins and Andrea A. Chiba * Functional significance of etiological factors in human amnesia / Alan J. Parkin * The "new" and the "old": Components of the anterograde and retrograde memory loss in Korsakoff and Alzheimer patients / Michael D. Kopelman * Transient global amnesia / Mark Kritchevsky * Detecting amnesia's impostors / Jason Brandt * Systems of motor skill / Daniel B. Willingham * Impaired priming in Alzheimer's disease: Neuropsychological implications / David P. Salmon and William C. Heindel * The mobilization of procedural learning: The "key signature" of the basal ganglia / J. A. Saint-Cyr and A. E. Taylor * Procedural and declarative learning: Distinctions and interactions / Mary Jo Nissen * The assessment of memory disorders in patients with Alzheimer's disease / Marilyn S. Albert and Mark B. Moss * Degraded knowledge representations in patients with Alzheimer's disease: Implications for models of semantic and repetition priming / Alex Martin * Semantic memory dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease: Disruption of semantic knowledge or information-processing limitation? / Robert D. Nebes * A transfer-appropriate processing account for memory and amnesia / Peter Graf and Karen A. Gallie * Age-related changes in explicit and implicit memory / Hasker P. Davis and Patricia A. Bernstein * Aging and memory: A model systems approach / Paul R. Solomon and William W. Pendlebury * Cholinomimetic therapy in Alzheimer's disease / Leon J. Thal * A strategy for studying memory disorders in multiple sclerosis / William W. Beatty * Posttraumatic and retrograde amnesia after closed head injury / Harvey S. Levin, Matthew A. Lilly, Andrew Papanicolaou and Howard M. Eisenberg * Implicit memory and errorless learning: A link between cognitive theory and neuropsychological rehabilitation? / Alan D. Baddeley * Rehabilitation and memory disorders / Barbara A. Wilson Section II. Studies of monkeys and rodents * The components of the medial temporal lobe memory system / Stuart Zola-Morgan and Larry R. Squire * The role of the hippocampus-fornix-mammillary system in episodic memory / David Gaffan * A hypothesis on primal long-term memory: Neurophysiological evidence in the primate temporal cortex / Yasushi Miyashita, Han Soo Chang and Koichi Mori * Aging, memory, and cholinergic systems: Studies using delayed-matching and delayed-nonmatching tasks in rats / Stephen B. Dunnett * The aging septo-hippocampal system: Its role in age-related memory impairments / David S. Olton and Alicja L. Markowska * Neuromodulatory systems and the regulation of memory storage / James L. McGaugh * Modulation of memory processing: Enhancement of memory in rodents and humans / Paul E. Gold * Toward a comprehensive account of hippocampal function: Studies of olfactory learning permit an integration of data across multiple levels of neurobiological analysis / Tim Otto and Howard Eichenbaum * The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in learning and memory: An animal model approach / Gordon Winocur * Role of diencephalic lesions and thiamine deficiency in Korsakoff's amnesia: Insights from animal models / Philip J. Langlais * Thiamine deficiency as an animal model of diencephalic amnesia / Robert G. Mair, John K. Robinson and Susan M. Koger * Emotional memories in the brain / Joseph LeDoux * Analysis of aversive memories using the fear-potentiated startle paradigm / Michael Davis * Memory: A behavioristic and neuroscientific approach / Garth J. Thomas and J. M. Ordy * Beyond neuronal excitability: Receptive field analysis reveals that association specifically modifies the representation of auditory information / Norman M. Weinberger * Knowledge structures in temporally adaptive conditioned responding / John W. Moore Section III. Studies in birds and invertebrates * Memory, the hippocampus, and natural selection: Studies of food-storing birds / David F. Sherry * Studying stages of memory formation with chicks / Mark R. Rosenzweig, Edward L. Bennett, Joe L. Martinez, Jr., Paul J. Colombo, Diane W. Lee and Peter A. Serrano * On chicks and rosetta stones / Steven P. R. Rose * Molecular interrelationships between short- and long-term memory / Timothy E. Kennedy, Robert D. Hawkins and Eric R. Kandel * Analysis of short- and long-term enhancement produced by one-trial conditioning in Hermissenda: Implications for mechanisms of short- and long-term memory / Terry J. Crow * Snails' tales: Initial comparisons of synaptic plasticity underlying learning in Hermissenda and Aplysia / Gregory A. Clark and Erin M. Schuman
APA CC:2520
Ostali autori / urednici:Squire, Larry R. ; Butters, Nelson
Signatura:2520 92 NEU
Inventarni broj:9611
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

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