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Naslov:Adolescent health problems : behavioral perspectives / editors Jan L. Wallander, Lawrence J. Siegel
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1995
Materijalni opis:314 str
Nakladnička cjelina:Advances in pediatric psychology
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:zdravstveni problemi * adolescenti
Sažetak:Section I: General and conceptual issues * Epidemiology of adolescent health disorders / E. Wayne Holden and Katherine Nitz * Developmental influences on adolescent health / Aline G. Sayer, Stuart T. Hauser, Alan M. Jacobson, John B. Willett and Charlotte F. Cole * Theoretical models of adolescent risk-taking behavior / Susan G. Millstein and Vivien Igra * Legal issues in adolescent health care / Victoria P. Weisz and Gary B. Melton Section II: Current research and clinical perspectives on health-risk and prevention behaviors * Adolescent suicide attempters in general hospitals: Psychological evaluation and disposition planning / Anthony Spirito, James Overholser and Lyn Vinnick * Adolescents: The leading edge of the next wave of the HIV epidemic / Terry DiLorenzo and Karen Hein * Social-psychological antecedents and consequences of adolescent tobacco use / Laurie Chassin, Clark C. Presson and Steven J. Sherman * Coping and competence in adolescent alcohol and drug use / Thomas Ashby Wills, Donato Vaccaro and Gregory Benson * Health promotion with adolescents / Steven H. Kelder, Guy Parcel and Cheryl L. Perry Section III: Current research and clinical perspectives on chronic physical conditions * Appraisal, coping, and adjustment in adolescents with a physical disability / Jan L. Wallander and James W. Varni * Psychological adjustment of adolescents with cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease and their mothers / Robert J. Thompson Jr., Kathryn E. Gustafson and Karen M. Gil * School-based treatment of recurrent headaches in adolescents / Bo Larsson * Managing insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in adolescence: A developmental perspective / Suzanne Bennett Johnson * Family adaptation to diabetes: A model for intervention research / Tim Wysocki, Neil H. White, Jeanne Bubb, Michael A. Harris and Peggy Greco
APA CC:3250 3290 3360
Ostali autori / urednici:Wallander, Jan L. ; Siegel, Lawrence J.
Signatura:3250 95 ADO
Inventarni broj:9554
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Autor(i):Paglen, Trevor ; Thompson, A. C.
Naslov:Torture taxi : on the trail of the CIA's rendition flights / Trevor Paglen, A. C. Thompson
Impresum:Hoboken, NJ : Melville House Publishing , 2006
Materijalni opis:205 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm
Napomena:Str. 197-205: Bibliografske bilješke
Ključne riječi:sociologija vojske i rata * tajni letovi * mučenje * CIA * politička sociologija
Signatura:SOC 355.01 PAG t
Inventarni broj:10856
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za sociologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/sociologija

Naslov:Children, families, and HIV/AIDS : psychosocial and therapeutic issues / editors Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Gloria L. Steiner, Mary G. Boland ; foreword by James Oleske
Impresum:New York ; London : Guilford , cop. 1995
Materijalni opis:334 str
Napomena:Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja. - Kazalo
Ključne riječi:AIDS * djeca * psihosocijalni aspekti * terapijski pristup
Sažetak:Section I: Introduction Rationale and overview of the book / Gloria L. Steiner, Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Mary G. Boland Section II: The epidemiological and medical context * The health care needs of infants and children: An epidemiological perspective / Mary G. Boland and James Oleske * Neurological and neurodevelopmental functioning in pediatric HIV infection / Jennis Hanna and Mark Mintz Section III: The psychosocial context: Psychosocial issues for different groups * Cultural sensitivity and competence: African-American, Latino, and Haitian families with HIV/AIDS / Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Julia del C. Aleman, Michele M. Jean-Gilles and Sandra Y. Lewis * HIV-relevant issues in adolescents / Jacqueline A. Bartlett, Steven E. Keller, Haftan Eckholdt and Steven J. Schleifer * Women and HIV/AIDS / Julia del Aleman, Patricia Kloser, Theresa Kreibick, Gloria L. Steiner and Nancy Boyd-Franklin Section IV: Therapeutic approaches with HIV-infected children and their families * Family systems interventions and family therapy / Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Julia del Aleman, Gloria L. Steiner, Elizabeth W. Drelich and Bradley C. Norford * The HIV-infected child in therapy / Sylvia W. Pollock and Cheryl L. Thompson * Nonpharmacological pain management for children with HIV/AIDS: Working with hypnotherapeutic techniques / Marge Iurato Torrance, Olivia R. Lewis, Mary Ellen La Brie and Lynn Czarniecki * Support group for children with HIV/AIDS / Katherine A. Gomez, Heidi J. Haiken and Sandra Y. Lewis * Caretakers' support group / Theresa Kreibick * Death and dying/bereavement and mourning / Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Elizabeth W. Drelich and Elena Schwolsky-Fitch Section V: Service deliverers and systems issues * A multisystems approach to service delivery for HIV/AIDS families / Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Mary G. Boland * Caring for the professional caregiver / Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Mary G. Boland * HIV/AIDS in the schools / Ann Silver Pozen * Professional, ethical, and moral issues / Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Hazel Staloff and Patricia M. Brady * Legal issues / David C. Harvey Section VI: Research and public policy * Psychosocial research concerning children, families, and HIV/AIDS: A challenge for investigators / Laurie N. Sherwen and Susan Tross * HIV/AIDS and public policy: Recent developments / David C. Harvey
APA CC:3375
Ostali autori / urednici:Boyd-Franklin, Nancy ; Steiner, Gloria L. ; Boland, Mary G.
Signatura:3375 95 CHI
Inventarni broj:9566
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za psihologiju, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/psihologija

Autor(i):Bordwell, David ; Staiger, Janet ; Thompson, Kristin
Naslov:The classical Hollywood cinema : film style & mode of production to 1960 / David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson
Impresum:New York : Columbia University Press , cop. 1985
Materijalni opis:506 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm
Napomena:Str. 480-491: Bibliografija
Ključne riječi:filmska umjetnost -- Hollywood * film -- stil * filmska produkcija
Sažetak:Part one: The classical Hollywood style, 1917-60 / David Bordwell : 1. An excesively obvious cinema ; 2. Story causality and motivation ; 3. Classical narration ; 4. Time in the classical film ; 5. Space in the classical film ; 6. Shot and scene ; 7. The bounds of difference. -Part two: the Hollywood mode of production to 1930 / Janet Staiger : 8. The Hollywood mode of production: its conndtions of existence ; 9. Standradization and differentiation: the reinforcement and dispersion of Hollywood's practices ; 10. The director system: management in the first years ; 11. The director-unit system: management of multiple-unit companies after 1909 ; 12. The central producer system: centralized management after 1914 ; 13. The division and order of production: the subdivision of the work from the first years through the 1920s. -Part three: The formulation of the classical style, 1909-28 / Kristin Thompson : 14. From primitive to classical ; 15. the foumulation of the classical narrative ; 16. The continuity system ; 17. Classical narrative space and the spectator's attention ; 18. The stability of the classical approach after 1917. -Part four: Film style and technology to 1930 : 19. Technology, style and mode of production / D. Bordwell and J. Staiger ; 20. Initial standardization of the basic technology / K. Thompson ; 21. Major technological changes of the 1920s / K. Thompson ; 21. Major technological changes of the 1920s / K. Thompson ; 22. The Mazda test of 1928 / D. Bordwell ; 23. The introduction of sound / D. Bordwell. -Part five: The Hollywood mode of production, 1930-60 / Janet Staiger : 24. The labor-force, financing and the mode of production ; 25. The producer-unit system: management by specialization after 1931 ; 26. The package-unit system: unit management after 1955. -Part six: Film style and technology, 1930-60 / David Bordwell : 27. Deep-focus cinematography ; 28. Technicolor ; 29. Widescreen processes and stereophonic sound. -Part seven: Historical implications of the classical Hollywood cinema / David Bordwell and Janest Staiger : 30. Since 1960: the persistence of a mode of film practice ; 31. Alternative modes of film practice. -envoi : Appendix A: The unbiased sample ; 32. Appendix B. A brief synopsis of the structure of the United States film industry, 1896-1960 ; Appendix C: Principal structures of the US film industry, 1894-1930 ; Appejdix D: LIghting plots and descriptions
Namjena :dva primjerka za doktorski studij književnosti
Signatura:791.43 BOR CLAS
Inventarni broj:98/97, III-3649, III-3650
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za komparativnu književnost, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

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