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Naslov:Critical theory and performance / edited by Janelle G. Reinelt and Joseph R. Roach
Izdanje:Rev. and enl. ed.
Impresum:Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press , cop. 2007
Materijalni opis:xii, 596 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm
Nakladnička cjelina:Theater--theory/text/performance
Napomena:Zastupljeni autori: Carlson, Marvin ; States, Bert O. ; Carmody, Jim ; Feral, Josette ; Tompkins, Joanne ; Richards, Sandra L. ; Zarrillli, Phillip B. ; Lane, Jill ; Lei, Daphne ; Elam, Harry J. ; Postlewait, Thomas ; Bank, Rosemarie K. ; Foster, Susan Leigh ; Savran, David ; McConachie, Bruce ; Rouse, John ; Donkin, Ellen ; Dolan, Jill ; Davy, Kate ; Román, David ; Diamond, Elin ; Pellegrini, Ann ; Phelan, Peggy ; Schechner, Richard ; Conquergood, Dwight ; Chaudhuri, Una ; Auslander, Philip ; Blau, Herbert ; Case, Sue-Ellen. - Bibliografija uz pojedine radove
Ključne riječi:kazalište -- filozofija * filozofija kazališta
Sažetak:Preface to the Second Edition ; Introduction to the First Edition. -Performance Analysis. -Marvin Carlson, Semiotics and Its Heritage ; Bert O. States, The Phenomenological Attitude ; Jim Carmody, Alceste in Holywood A Semiotic Reading of The Misanthrope ; Josette Feral, Every Transaction Conjures a New Boundary. -Postcolonial Studies. -Joanne Tompkins, Performing History's Unsettlement ; Sandra L Richards, What Is to Be Remembered?: Tourism to Ghanas Slave Castle-Dungeons ; Phillip B Zarrilli, For Whom Is the King a King? Issues of Intercultural Production, Perception, and Reception in a Kathakali King Lear. -Critical Race Theory. -Jill Lane, Black/face Publics: The Social Bodies of Fraternidad ; Daphne Lei, Virtual Chinatown and New Racial Formation: Performance of Cantonese Opera in the Bay Aea ; Harry Elam, Jr, Reality v/. -Theater History and Historiography. -Thomas Postlewait, Theater Events and Their Political Contexts: A Problem in the Writing of Theater History ; Rosemarie K Bank, Representing History: Performing the Columbian Exposition ; Susan Leigh Foster, Kinesthetic Empathies and the Politics of Compassion. -After Marx. -David Savran, Shadows of Brecht ; Brace McConachie, Historicizng the Relations of Theatrical Production ; John Rouse, Brecht and the Contradictory Actor. -Gender and Sexualities. -Ellen Donkin, Mrs. Siddons Looks Back in Anger Feminist Historiography for Eighteenth-Century British Theater ; Fill Dolan, Practicing Cultural Disruptions Gay and Lesbian "Representation and Sexuality ; Kate Davy, Fe/male Impersonation: The Discourse of Camp ; David Roman, Not-About-AIDS. -Psychoanalysis. -Elin Diamond, The Violence of "We": Politicizing Identification ; Ann Pelh'grini, Staging Sexual Inury: H ow I Learned to Drive ; Peggy Phelan, Imobile Legs, Stalled Words: Psychoanalysis and Moving Deaths. -Performance Studies. -Ricihard Schechner, Invasions Friendly and Unfriendly: The Dramaturgy of Direct Theater ; Dwight Conquergood, Performance Theory, Hmong Shamans, and Cultural Politics ; Una Chaudhuri, Animal Rites: Perorming beyond the Human. -Mediatized Cultures. -Philip Auslander, Live from Cyberspace, or, I Was Sitting at My Computer This Guy Appeared He Thought I Was a Bot ; Herbert Blau, Virtually Yours: Presence, Liveness, Lessness ; Sue-Ellien Case, Draculas Daugh
Ostali autori / urednici:Reinelt, Janelle G. ; Roach, Joseph R.
Namjena :doktorski studij književnosti
Signatura:792(08) CRIT
Inventarni broj:III-3745, III-3808
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za komparativnu književnost, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

Naslov:Theatre histories : an introduction / by Phillip B. Zarilli ... [et al.] ; general editor Gary Jay Williams
Impresum:New York ; London : Routledge , 2006
Materijalni opis:[xxxii], 544 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm
Ključne riječi:povijest kazališta * kazalište -- povijest
Sažetak:Preface: Interpreting performances and cultures: A first mapping: about this book ; A second mapping: cultural performances, theatre and drama ; A third mapping: about history, historiography, and historical methods ; The historian's sources ; A fouth mapping: periodiozation through modes of human communication ; Case studies and interpretive approaches: the historian at work ; A note on diacritics, spellings, and names. -PART I: Performance and theatre in oral and written cultures before 1600 / edited by Philip B. Zarrilli. -Introduction : The evolution of human language and consciousness ; Human language, writing and society ; Performance, communication, and remembrance. -1. Oral, ritual, and shamanic performance : Primary orality ; Oral performance ; Oral texts and their transmission under the written sign: Vedic chanting in India ; Ritual specialists: accessing sacred power ; Late Neolithic ritual landscapes and pilgrimage in England ; Early Celtic oral and ritual festival performance ; Interpreting and understanding ritual ; Ritual, ceremony, and collictive social life ; The healing powers of ritual/shamanic specialists ; Summary. -Case studies : Yoruba ritual as "play", and "contigency" in the ritual process ; Interpretive approach. Theories of play and improvisation ; Korean shamanism and the power of speech ; Interpretive approach. Speech act theory. -2. Religious and civic festivals: Early drama and theatre in context : Commemorative ritual "drama" in Abydos, Egypt ; dialogic drama in the city-state of Athens ; Mesoamericam performance ; Texts in other traditions ; Medieval Christian liturgy and drama ; Islamic commemorative mourning "dramas": the Ta'zieh if Iran ; Summary discussion. -Case studies : Classical Greek theatre: looking at Oedipus ; Interpretive approach. Cognitive studies ; Christians and Moors: Medieval performance in Spain and the New World ; Interpretive approach. Cultural hierarchy. -3. Imperial theatre: Pleasure, power, and aesthetics : Drama, theatre, and performance in the Roman Republic and Empire ; Indian literary and commemorative drama and theatre ; Early Chineses and JApenese drama, theatre, and performance ; Summary discussion. -Case studies : Plautus's plays: what's so funny? ; Interpretive approach, Part I. Henri Bergson's theory of laughter ; Interpretive approach, Part II. Bergson's theory in historical perspective ; Kutiyattam Sanskrit theatre of India: Rasa-bhava aesthetic theory and the question of taste ; Interpretive approach. Reception theory ; The silent bell: The Japanese noh play, Dôjôji ; Interpretive approach. Feminist and gender theory, modified for medieval Japan. -PART II : Theatre and print cuoltures, 1500-1900 / edited by Bruce McConachie. -Intruduction: China and Western Europe : The rise of European professional theatres ; Commedia dell'arte ; Institutionalizing drama in Europe ; Golden age theatre in Spain, 1590-1680 ; Neoclassicism and print in europe ; Le Cid and French absolutism ; Scenic perspectivism in print and on stage ; Acting and print in Europe after 1700 ; European dramatists claim authority ; Theatre, print, and the public. -4. Theatre and the state, 1600-1900 : Theatre and the state in France, 1630-1675 ; From patronage to control in France, 1675-1789 ; Samurai warriors versus kabuki actors, 1600-1670 ; regulating kabuki, 1670-1868 ; Theatre and the state in England, 1600-1660 ; Patents, censorship, and social order in England, 1660-1790 ; Theatre and the state in England and France, 1790-1900. -Case studies: Moliere and carnival laughter ; Interpretice approach. M. Bakhtin's concept of the carnivalesque ; Kabuki and bunraku: Mimesis and the hybrid body ; Interpretive approach. Mimesis, hybridity, and the body ; Shakespearean sexuality in 'Twelfth night' ; Interpretive approach. Queer theory. -5. Theatre for knowledge through feeling, 1700-1900. -.... -6. Theatre, nation, and empire, 1750-1900. -.... -PART III. Theatre in modern media cultures, 1850-1970 / edited by Bruce McConachie. -Introduction: Historical changes after 1850 : Photography and audiophony in the theatre ; Spectacular bodies on the popular stage ; The rise of realism in the West ; Realist producer-directors ; The rise of realism in Japan ; Avente-garde theatres in the West ; The Great War as a turning point in world theatre ; Shakespeare and film in England ; Lyrical abstraction and th eradio in France ; Psychological realism in the United States ; Theatre and politics ; The continuing power of print. -7. Theatres of popular entertainment, 1850-1970. -.... -8. Theatres of the avant-garde and their legacy, 1880-1970. -.... -9. Theatres for reform and revolution, 1880-1970. -.... -PART IV. Theatre and performance in the age of global communications, 1950-present / edited by Gary Jay Williams. -Introduction: colonialism, globalisation, media and theatre : Media and theare: all in the family ; Globalization, media, theatre and performance ; The media: power and resistance ; Theatre, performance, resistance ; Performance art ; Theatre in postcolonial African nations. -10. Rich and poor theatres of globalization. -.... -11. Director, text, and performance in the postmodern world. -.... -12. Interculturalism, hybridity, tourism: the performing world in new terms
Ostali autori / urednici:Zarrilli, Philip B. ; McConachie, Bruce ; Williams, Gary Jay
Namjena :tri primjerka za doktorski studij književnosti
Signatura:792(091) THEAT
Inventarni broj:III-3178, III-3179, III-3194, 08/197, 08/198
Vrsta građe:knjiga
Knjižnica:Knjižnica Odsjeka za komparativnu književnost, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

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