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Autor:Runje, Petar
Naslov:Jerolim Trevisan, cistercitski opat, Marulićev prijatelj
Matična publikacija:Colloquia Maruliana : 5 / [uredništvo Bratislav Lučin, Mirko Tomasović ; prijevod na engleski Katarina Hraste]; str. 107-111
Impresum:Split : Književni krug, Marulianum, 1996
Sažetak:Hieronymus Trevisanus, a cistercian abbot and Marulić's friend : In the letters discovered by Miloš MIlošević in Venice in 1989 Marulić twice refers to a certain 'Reverendissimo Abbate di Borgognoni' ('The reverend abbot of Borgognoni' - see: 'Letters to Jerolim Ćipiko'/ Hieronymus de Cipcis/ dated 19 July and 2 November 1501, in 'Colloquia Maruliana I', pp. 34, 42). The author of the rpesent article sets out to discover more about this personage. According to the author the key iinformation is the fact that the founders of the 12th century abbey of Torcello (Venice) came from the town of Bergogno. It was after them that the abbey received the attribute of "di Borgognoni". In the period when Marulić was writing his letters, the abbot there was Hieronymus Trevisanus (Trivisano), appointed to this position by the Pope Sisto IV as early as 1475. This Cistercian abbot was a scholarly man, a good connoisseur of theology and legal sciences. Also, the sources mention him as a humanist writer. In 1507 he was elected bishop of Cremona and died in office on 24 February 1523. Marulić's cordial salutes and the manner in which he recommends himself to the abbot, lead to the hypothesis that he, as well as the transmitter of his greetings, Jerolim Ćipiko, the archbishop of Split, were on terms of personal friends with the illustrious coeval from the opposite Addriatic coast. We could probaly learn more about the nature of their relationship if we found the letters written by Girolamo trevisiano. However, this new evidence adds another, so far unknown name to the list of Marulić's illustrious friends given by Franciscus Natalis inthe poet's biography.
Ključne riječi:Marulić, Marko * Trevisan, Jerolim * Hieronymus, Trevisanus
UDK:821.163.42.09 Marulić, M.
Signatura821.163.42.09 COL(5)
Vrsta građe:Članak
Knjižnica:Zbirka komparativne književnosti, http://www.knjiznice.ffzg.hr/komparativna

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